It was an opportunity to discover the requirements for effective collaboration within Design Management at SCAD and to design a space that reflected those insights.

How might we improve the collaborative experience of the design management educational environment?




The proposal (building) is on construction and it will open their doors for SCAD community during 2019.

The research approach and methods used

Secondary Research: Academic articles to understand the importance among public and private space in design organizations. Another keystone was to understand how space could foster different cognitive behaviors. 

Primary Research: Subject matter experts interviews, observation, immersion, co-design, focus groups, cultural probes and prototyping with end users.

The industry

Education, architecture, collaborative spaces, collaborative culture.

Some key findings

- A collaborative space allows for the informal to exist with formal. 

- A collaborative space is externally oriented, but can also turn inward when the need arises, one that is supportive of diversity and differences.

My specific role on the project

I worked as a startegist researcher conducting a set of interviews, cultural probes and self-reporting. I worked in making sense of the data and producing visual graphics to synthesize our information.

The impact of your research findings on design and business strategies

The research findings were translated into actionable insights, then into a business proposal. Breaking the paradigm that students need a classroom to learn was the main focus of our proposal.

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Journey Map
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the solution was adopted by scad and it will be done during 2018-2019

the solution was adopted by scad and it will be done during 2018-2019

"If we are to come up with effective responses to complex actions, we need to align our actions with our best thinking"

                                                                                                            -The social lab revolution