I have a curious mind and naturally make connections between diverse fields and industries to foster a systems thinking mentality and design doing. I use these diverse inputs to highlight new actionable insights, understanding peoples' needs and to reveal current and future market opportunities.

I leverage stories and data to inspire people and help them take action – whether that’s in the form of frameworks, co-creation workshops, speeches, articles, services or business strategies.

I love observing people to uncover their deepest needs, beliefs and values. I interview people to understand what their lives are about and interact with clients to help them better articulate their challenges.

I enjoy research and design across many different types of projects, from qualitative and quantitative studies that bring confidence and move ideas closer to market launch to agile "blue sky science" that provides iterative prototyping and user feedback. And now, after 5 years of professional experience in research and strategy, I'm ready to join a firm that cares about creating a positive impact in the world, and I'm eager to leverage my design research and strategy skills as part of a multi-disciplinary team to help envision new solutions and why not a better planet.

I will travel domestically and globally to explore diverse human behaviors and lifestyles. I will collaborate with multidisciplinary teams and use research findings to inspire design and strategic decisions. I will translate research insights into powerful stories that shift hearts and minds.

J Felipe Cuéllar | +57 315.219.67.35 | +1 912.257.27.67 | felipecuellar1@gmail.com